Saturday, October 6, 2007

Monkey business

If you haven't seen him already, check out our pet monkey, Dylan! Scroll down to find him. Also, take the poll in the sidebar to tell us what you think of the little guy!

Remember to feed Dylan!

Blowin' in the Wind cast

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

English Quiz

How good is your vocabulary? Do you know the difference between words that have similar meanings? Take our vocabulary quiz to find out (yes, we wrote up the questions ourselves!) -Nidia, Svetlana, Flavio, Azzura, and Valentina

Choose the correct word to fill in the blank (write your answers on a piece of paper, and then insert them into the comments box! don't look at what the other people wrote first, though!).

Remember to change verb tenses/singular or plurals, as needed.

Vocabulary Quiz (spelling counts!)


1. Can you give us some Mexican cuisine _________?

2. Here are the supermarket _____________.


3. Please ______________ me some souvenirs from "La Sagrada Familia" when you come back from Barcelona.

4. Could you ____________ my children to school today? I can't because I'm busy.


5. Jackie ____________ our work every day.

6. The policemen ___________ traffic in the street.


7. Making pizza is a lot of ______________ !

8. Some people believe that clowns are quite ______________. I'm not one of them.


9 . If your friend tells you to jump off a bridge, would you? Don't you see that that isn't always a good ___________ to do something?

10 . I caught this cold from you. You are the ______________ of my illness!


11. We are __________ dresses for the poor people in Africa.

12. Beppo Grillo ___________ a lot of people on V-Day last month.

Now, write the correct answers in the comment box (click on comments and just type in your answers, along with your name please!), and once we've got a good number of responses, we'll announces the CORRECT answers!

So get going--don't you want to ace this quiz?

Ah...almost forgot. Just in case you were wondering, WE took the above quiz as well. The results were quite good, but we did have one group stand out among the others. The top grades go to our winners:



-Blowin' in the Wind Cast

Last Day

Today is our last day! We are sad. But the blog won't end...we won't let it blow away in the wind!

Students hard at work--funny how the final day means a smaller class, isn't it?

Monday, October 1, 2007

And the winners are...

Last week we posted an entry about the ever-exciting American Reality TV Show, The Amazing Race. Six of our own students decided to try out, and, with the formation of 3 two-person teams and a panel of judges, our class was transformed into interviewers and contestants. The three teams were:

Team 1: Irene and Flavio, Team 2: Ombretta and Valentina, Team 3: Azzurra and Sandro

As you can see on the Amazing Race entry from before, we invited YOU, our readers, to participate in the try-outs as well. Unfortunately we had already decided the winner by the time we got our first comment (thank you, Corrie! don't worry--no owls are present in our version of The Amazing Race, and there are also plenty of Gelato challenges!), so we couldn't redo the decision.

And just who IS that winner you ask? Well, without any more delay we present to you the winners of The Amazing Race try outs! Team 3: Azzurra and Sandro!

That's right! Congrats to Azzurra and Sandro! So, are they afraid of wild animals? Maybe a little. And what kind of movies do they prefer? They like dramas and comedies. What are their strong points? Azzurra is stubborn about things she believes in, and Sandro is neat and tidy. Do they deserve to take up a spot on The Amazing Race? Our judges say they do!

Thanks for everyone who participated!

Blowin' In the Wind Cast

Look at us!

Here are some photos of us, the Blowin' in the Wind cast!

Hard workers! Alessandro and Nidia...

Friendships blossom: Ombretta and Irene...

How to write a Letter: Svetlana...

Study Group: Sandro and Oriana...

To Get or not to Get

Is that the question? We tried to conquer when to use get and when not to, in this English exercise. Here are some of our students' results:

How Svetlana Got to Italy (and how she wished she hadn't!)
It was October,1999. I was walking along the Nevskiy Prospect, the main street of Saint Petersburg.It was getting dark. Suddenly, I saw the neon sign:"Job Recruiting in Italy". At once I imagined a hot country, fruit trees, blue sky. It was fall in Saint Petersburg. I got advice from an agency to help me move to Italy. In the end I left my good job, my friends and my family. I guess I was stupid when I made the decision to come here. Now I am sorry that I came!!!!

"Nidia Gets Married"
When we got married, we didn't have a honeymoon trip or a party.But that afternoon we and our friends went to the beach to celebrate our wdding.There, we got lunch. In spite of the fact that didn't have money, we were getting happier and happier.

"Flavio's Accidental Job"
One day, one of my friend got a call from a important company. They wanted to offer him a job, after a short interview. The location for the interview was near my home. I offered to go with him. We got there, i saw it was a group interview and i asked id i could partecipate as well, even i wasn't on the candidate list. After a few days, i got a phone call from the company: i was hired!

Friday, September 28, 2007

More about the Future: MEME

First off, LEAVE a MESSAGE or take the POLL (below right)! We want to know where you are from, and who you are, and IF YOU ARE READING!?! Yoohoo! IS there anybody out there?!?

Secondly, as you have most likely already read below, we have been talking about the future, how it will affect us, and how it will affect the world around us. After making the list of how the world would change in 50 years, we decided to think about how things will change in half that time: what the world will be like in 25 years. We decided to put together a "Time Capsule," or a box filled with things that are relevant to life today, that should be opened on this date 25 years from now. The items in the box are also accompanied by a letter.

Dear future of 2032,
We are a group of students that is attending an English course in Macerata, Italy. We have been talking about the future, and we decided to put some things about today's world in a box for you.

Time Capsule from 28 September, 2007

- News Magazine

- a pair of Italian shoes

- Style Magazine

- a pair of glasses

- a disposable camera ready to be used

- a cell phone, an ipod, and a walkman (with a tape in it)

- a picture of our group

- stylish jewelry

- Harry Potter books

- instruments: a flute and a small electric keyboard

- Aspirin

- postcards

- t-shirts

- questions about the future

- ball point pens and paper

- stamps

What do you think we should add to the list? Do you think all of the stuff we mentioned is necessary? Make your own list (your own Time Capsule) and participate in our MEME!

Worst Travel Experiences!

For a class activity, we wrote up some of our worst travel experiences! From missed flights to disgusting food to heavy luggage, these trips are little nightmares. Here are a three of them:

Alessandro's Dilemma in Munich
My worst travel experience was when I went to Brussels. I took an airplane from Ancona to Brussels, with a connection in Munich. When I arrived in the Munich airport, I went to breakfast in a bar, forgetting that my flight for Brussels had only a short layover. When I got to the gate, my flight for Brussels had already left without me five minutes before! Unfortunately, the next flight wasn't for another five hours. However, the Lufthansa people were nice and let me go standby for free.

Yucky Malta for Ombretta
My worst trip was when I went to Malta. I was 17 years old, and I left with my class for a cultural exchange program.

I'd never visited Malta before, and I was very excited to go. The worst thing was the that the organisation of the trip was terrible. We slept at a college with very dirty rooms. In fact, it was dirty everywhere, and there were only two toilets--one for girls and one for boys--even though there were 20 of us students! And don't even get me started about the food...the "cooks" fried the French Fries in the morning and we didn't eat them until later that evening for gross!

Anyway, it was a very fun holiday week. Malta was very beautiful and I enjoyed myself very much when I was with my school mates, who were a very crazy group!

Excess Baggage for Flavio
My worst travel experience was when I went to Rome for a job. For this job, the factory gave me a room in a beautiful hotel. I prepared a very full bag to bring with me, with many kinds of things inside. I left at 3 am, on a train, with my very heavy luggage.

After the first interview with my new employer ,I went to Florence, the final location of my new job, lugging my very heavy baggage along with me, to start my job experience the next day.

It was a very stressful trip, because my inappropriate baggage was too heavy and too big.